Fequently Asked Questions

When was Crossing Point Christian School started?


Crossing Point opened its doors in August 1993. It was the vision of Rev. Bobby Cook to provide quality preschool classes for the children in McKinney and the surrounding area. Rev. Cook is no longer at First Christian Church but the vision remains intact.


What is the difference between a Mother's day Out Program and a Preschool


Traditionally a Mother’s Day Out Program is just that – a time for mom to have a break while leaving their child in a safe place. Generally the program provides a nonstructured environment where the children can play with their peers. On the other hand, a Preschool Program provides a blend of a structured (academic) and a nonstructured (play) environment. The teachers have a specific plan for each day and each day builds on skills that were introduced in the previous class.


All of the classes at Crossing Point Christian School are preschool classes, providing children with a mix of structured and nonstructed activities, large and small group activities as well as a curriculum that has been developed to meet the needs of each individual child.


What ages do you accept children into the program? 


Our program is designed for children 2 years through 5 years.  All children entering our 2, 3 or 4 year old programs are required to be that age by September 1st of that school year. 


What is the teacher to child ratios at CPCS?


The ratios vary depending on the age of the children. There are two adults in each classroom, a teacher and an assistant regardless of the age of the children. The two-year-old classes have 10 children, the three-year-old classes have 12 children and the 4 and 5-year-old classes have 15 children in each class.


Lunch Bunch ratios do change with the ratio being 1 teacher to 10 children. The two-year-old classes always have two teachers regardless of the number of children.


Is Crossing Point Christian School licensed by the state of Texas?


Yes, the school is licensed by the state, which means that we are inspected at least once a year and are required to follow the Minimum Standards implemented by the Department of Family and Protective Services. The Minimum Standards covers all health and safety issues encounter in a school situation. The Minimum Standards do not cover curriculum requirements for preschoolers.


What qualifications are required of the staff?


The teachers must meet the guidelines outlined in the Minimum Standards, that is, have 8-hours of preservice training and an additional 24 hours of training each year. The average years of service for the staff is 8 years – so experience plays a vital role in teacher qualifications. A love for children, an understanding of the stages of development and the acceptance of children at their current stage of growth is very important as well. All staff members are certified in First Aid and must pass a criminal history background check. All staff members are CPR and First-Aid certified.


Do children learn at Crossing Point Christian School or do they "just play?"


Preschool children learn best through play and interacting with their peers as well as with adults. Our curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of individual children and provide a environment that is rich in academics as well as social opportunities. In other words, we provide a balance of structured (academic) and non-structured (play) into the day so the kids have the opportunity to succeed. Please refer to the program goals for each age group for further information.


Crossing Point Christian School is a ministry of First Christian Church so what “religion” is taught at the school?


Our goal is to help the children grow in their love for Jesus Christ and to understand that He is a part of their lives everyday and not just on Sunday. We do not teach the children any doctrine as our students come to us from a variety of dominations and we want to be respectful of people’s differences. Bible stories are introduced in an age appropriate way and values and virtues are taught and lived in each classroom.


Do I need an appointment to visit the school?

We have an open door policy, however, we do ask that you check in at the school office before going to the classrooms.



Where to Find Us:

Crossing Point Christian School
1800 W Hunt St
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Amy Maisberger, Director

Phone: 972-542-0501



Licensed through the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services 

(formerly the Texas Department of Protective & Regulatory Services).


First Christian Church McKinney

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10:00am-Sunday School Classes

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