Crossing Point Christian School (CPCS) is a ministry of First Christian Church,
McKinney. The school operates as a weekday paid tuition program. Classes
are offered for children ages 2 years old through Transition-to-Kindergarten
age. Classes are offered to young children to meet the needs of both First Christian church members and the community at large.


The staff of CPCS is dedicated to the philosophy that young children grow in an
orderly and sequential manner with predictable stages of development. We recognize that each child is unique and accept children at their current stage of development.


It is our intention to nurture the development of the whole child – physical,
emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual growth. As Christians and teachers, it is our desire to provide a loving and positive environment involving God and his principles
in life.


It is our goal that each child will:


  • Become aware that each person is worthy of God’s love and the love of other human beings.
  •  Be provided with a nurturing environment surrounded by opportunities to grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.
  • Be accepted at their current stage of development and allowed to grow as an individual.
  • Experience the loving care of adults whose own lives exemplify commitment to Christ and the community.
  •  Develop understandings, attitudes, and skills appropriate for the child’s age.
  •  Grow in assuming personal responsibility for self and others.
  •  Be encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination.
  •  Have Fun!