Connie Jordan's Movement Class

Another school year is beginning and our Movement Program is ready to get “moving”!!! Our goal is to incorporate movement experiences that will encourage children to become physically active and promote a healthy lifestyle now as young individuals & later as adults. Children can use movement to learn about their bodies and skills they can achieve in a positive & fun environment.


Being physically active can support the development of the whole child……….

physically by building healthy bodies

cognitively by learning how to interpret information as well as use their creative & critical thinking skills

socially by sharing, cooperating and learning to respect others



Listed below are the areas we will be covering this year with a few examples for each area.

Movement awareness (ex. Rhythm, eye-hand coordination)

Locomotor skills (ex. Walking, galloping)

Nonlocomotor skills (ex. Pushing, pulling)

Manipulative skills (ex. Bouncing, kicking)

Health Related fitness (ex. Flexibility, nutrition)


We want to intervene at an early age to educate the whole child and to teach that being active can be FUN!!!