Protecting Our Smallest Children


In the event of an emergency, team work will be required to ensure the safety of our smallest children.  Any staff member not responsible for children at the time of an emergency should make their way to the 18 month/2 year old classrooms to help move the children to the designated location.  Office staff will also make their way to their classroom to help with moving the children to safety.


 Children with Limited Mobility


Children with limited mobility will be helped by the staff members in their classrooms.                                                                 

Common Practices for all Emergencies


The following procedures must be followed for all emergencies to ensure the safety of all the children and staff in the building. 

· All teachers must have their attendance clipboard with them during any emergency.  The clipboard must contain a list of all students and their contact information.  Teachers must know, at all times, how many children are present and make sure all children are accounted for during an emergency.

· The Director or Office Manager will have the box containing emergency cards with them during an emergency.

· Teachers will communicate with the office staff that all their children are present and accounted for.

· When instructed, teachers will call their children’s emergency contact person using their personal cell phones.  Teachers will give general information about the emergency and steps parents should take to pick up their children.

· The Director or office manager will follow up with an email to all families explaining the emergency and what steps the school took to ensure the safety of their children.

· The Director of Office Manager will contact Child Care licensing to let them know that an emergency has occurred at the school and what steps were taken to ensure the safety of the children.


Emergency Preparedness Plan


With any emergency situation, knowing what to do is important to handling a situation appropriately and effectively.  Preplanning is key.  Below are listed some emergency situations and the appropriate way to handle them.


Power Failures

· A flashlight is located in each room.  Batteries should be checked monthly.

· The director will determine what action should be taken, if any.


Missing Person

· In the case of a missing child, staff should search the buildings and grounds completely.  Exit doors should be monitor until the child is found.

· If the child is not found, the police and parents will be notified while the search continues.

· Prevention is the key – count your children often throughout the day!



· The building will be evacuated as indicated on the map in each classroom.

· Teachers must count their children as they leave the building and take their attendance clipboard with them.

· Fire Drills are held monthly


Bad Weather

· Staff will be notified that a watch is in effect. (weather alert radio)

· Once a warning is in effect, all staff and children should move to the Discipleship Center.

· Staff must bring their clipboards with them.

· Bad Weather Drills are conducted 3 times a year.


Emergency Evacuation

· In case of an emergency evacuation due to a gas leak or other potential hazard, the children will relocate to:

St. Michaels Church 411 Paula Road 972.556.4444

· Parents will be notified once all children are safe and secure at St. Michaels

Lock Down

· If the school needs to go into lock down for any reason, please remain with your children at all times. 

· Keep the children away from the doors and windows.

· Wait for instructions from the school office staff.


All staff members must have their attendance clipboard with them at all times.  The clipboard contains telephone numbers for contacting the parents.



Emergency Plan – Fire


Crossing Point Christian School conforms to all fire regulations as designated by the City Fire Marshall.  A fire evacuation plan is posted in each classroom.


The 911 emergency number and the exact address of the school are posted by all telephones.


Fire drills are held regularly.  The smoke detectors, flashlights, and fire extinguishers are checked regularly for proper function.  All staff members must know how to use the extinguishers.


All staff members must know the whereabouts of each of the children in their care at all times!


In case of fire or fire drill the procedure is as follows:


· An alarm will sound indicating a fire drill or fire is occurring.


· All children will file out of the building according to the plan posted in their classrooms.  All classes will follow their primary route unless this route is hazardous at which time the alternate route should be used.


· All teachers must take their attendance clipboard with them.  The director or office manager will take the emergency cards with them.  Once the children are out of the building, attendance must be taken to assure that all children are present.


· A designated teacher from each evacuation route will check with the teachers on their side of the building to see that all children are accounted for by their teachers.  The designee will let the office staff know that all the children are present.  The teachers will be told when they can return to their classrooms.


· In the event of a real fire, the fire department will indicate when it is safe to enter the building.



Fire Extinguishers are located in each hallway by the exit doors!


Fire Pulls are located by each exit door!



Emergency Plan – Tornado


A map showing the shelter location is posted in each classroom.  Tornado drills are held every three months.


A weather alert radio is located in the school office and is kept in good repair.  This will help keep us informed during inclement weather.


In case of inclement weather, the following procedure will be followed:


Tornado Watch


· If a tornado watch is in effect the teachers will be informed that conditions are favorable that a tornado may form.  At this time, all teachers should be alert and prepared to take action when necessary. “Watch for Dorothy”

· Teachers must keep the children inside during a tornado warning – all playground time is canceled!  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

· The office staff will monitor the storm with the help of the weather radio and the computer (weather radar) and may ask staff to take all the children to the “big gym” located in the Discipleship center.


Tornado Warning


· If a tornado warning is in effect the teachers will be informed that conditions have changed a tornado has been spotted.  “Dorothy is in the area”  The following plans are in effect:

· All children are to be moved into the Discipleship Center.  Backpacks and other personal belongings can stay in our school building. 

· The office staff will place signs at all entrances informing the parents that a tornado warning is in effect and the children are in the designated tornado shelters.

· The office staff will take the weather alert radio to the Discipleship Center.  Teachers should take their attendance clipboards.

· If conditions worsen all children must be moved to the restrooms, which are the designated shelter area, immediately. 

· Teachers must take their attendance clipboard with them as well as books to read to the children. 



Carpool will be cancelled during a Tornado Warning and parents must come into the building to sign their children out.




Emergency Procedure – Lock Down


In the event the school needs to go into “Lock Down”


·      All children must come off the playground immediately.  Please use the doors in the two year old room.  Make sure you count your children!

· All the doors to the building will be secured.  The classroom doors leading to the outside must be secured, make sure the security bar is down. 

· Lower and close all blinds on all windows

· Do not leave your classroom or the building until instructed to do so.


Dismissing children during “Lock Down”

· Carpool will be cancelled and parents will be asked to walk in to get their children

· The director will be at the front of the building instructing parents to come in to get their children. 

· The office manager will be at the kitchen door to allow parents into the building to get their children.


Teachers Must

· Remain with their class at all times

· Listen carefully to instructions

· Call parents when instructed to – use your cell phone – you will be reimbursed for any expenses you incur

· Check your attendance clipboard phone list to make sure it is current.  Tell the office manager when changes need to be made.






In the event that we have to evacuate the building, we will walk to children to St. Michaels Church, 411 Paula Road, 972-562-4444.

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